concept art & illustrations


I am Mikko Jokisalo, a 26 year old full-time freelance concept artist & illustrator from Finland. My background in art includes 10 years of intensive self-education, university summer course with masters from I.L. Repin's Institute of art and five years of full-time freelancing for video game-, movie-, advertising agencies and other companies.

While working as a full-time freelance artist, I have been involved with various video game genres. Therefore, I've had tasks to draw sci-fi, fantasy, realistic and cartoon characters, environments and vehicles. I've also drawn concept art and storyboards for movies as well as TV commercials.

Few of my clients:

Hacienda Picture Oy
Lume Games Oy
Cine Paradiso Oy
Mean Hamster Software
Moskito Television Oy
Merikotka Ry
Public library of Kotka
Legenda Oy
Making Movies Oy
Optipari Oy
Cine works Oy
Pohjantähti-Elokuva Oy
Komia Helsinki
Lahti & Mantere Saatchi & Saatchi
Silva Mysterium
Blind Spot Pictures
Nitro Games



Finnish WWII short movie - Concept art & Storyboard artist
    -Created concept art & storyboard for Finnish WWII short movie.

The Fountain of a Whale - Concept art
    -Created concept art for PV Lehtinen's upcoming movie The Fountain of a Whale.


"Hiljaisuus & Carcass" movies - Concept art
    -Created concept art for Cine works movies Carcass & "Hiljaisuus", which got Jussi award in Finnish "Jussi award ceremony".


"Uhkaava Vaara" video game - Artist
    -Was in charge for creating around 60 illustrations & marketing poster for Public library of Kotka & Nitro Games children's game "Uhkaava Vaara".

Omron Sonic style Tv Commercial - Storyboard artist
    -Storyboard artist for Omron Sonic style Tv commercial done by Legenda Oy.

Ti-ti Nalle Teaser - Storyboard artist
    -Storyboard artist for Ti-ti Nalle teaser.

Evli - Kasvun Ihme TV Commercial - Storyboard artist
    -Storyboard artist for Evli commercial done by Komia Helsinki.

Veikkaus TV Commercial - Storyboard artist
    -Storyboard artist for Veikkaus commercial done by Pohjantähti Elokuva Oy.


East India Company - Concept art
    -Created concept art for Nitro Game's "East India Company" video game.

Shattered Horizon - Concept art
    -Created concept image for Futuremark's "Shattered Horizon" video game.


UFF Board game - Tasapeli
    -Was in charge for art, (characters, background) for UFF's board game for kids.